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Roadcare enables road managers to optimize pavement monitoring and maintenance.

With Roadcare, your roads last longer with less investment.

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1. Simplified monitoring

Roadcare - Acquisition

The application converts smartphones into inspection tools. The user can scan his entire network while driving on the roads with a smartphone attached to the windscreen.

Mobile app

The app is available on iOS and Android.

Roadcare - Automatisation analyse via ia

2. Automated analysis

Once the images are collected, the analysis is automated using Artificial Intelligence.In addition to its affordable cost, AI analysis offers the advantage of being objective and fast.

3. Decision support

Roadcare - Acquisition

Because an up-to-date road condition survey is necessary, but not enough, Roadcare web platform offers you personalized maintenance plans based on your criteria: annual budgets, prioritization of areas to be prioritized, etc.

In addition, this web platform is interoperable with other GIS systems.

The objective is clear: to sustainably improve road conditions with limited budgets by prioritizing preventive maintenance.

Antonin Mancel

Antonin MANCEL

As a Sales Engineer from a company specialized in infrastructure monitoring and digital solutions development, Antonin listens to your needs. Do you need a quote? It's him!



PhD in Computer Vision, Tien Sy has more than 10 years of experience working at the service of classic players of road engineering. Do you have a technical question? This way!

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Roadcare is a spin-off of the LEONARD Entrepreneurial path which has enabled the start-up to accelerate in 2019.

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